The Kami Chronicles: The Waking of the Samurai pt.2

The boat approached the shore. All of them were shabbily dressed like they been at sea for days. One of the China-men yelled something in a Mandarin dialect to the samurai as he waved to him to come towards their direction. The samurai kept his posture. Two of the men hopped out of the boat to drag it a shore. After they all made their way out, one of the men stood to the side examining the surroundings while the other four began to converse about something. Then the four men walked over to the samurai with cruel intent in their eyes and swords in their hands. The fifth man stayed behind and continued to examine. They kept speaking in Mandarin dialect and then slowing down their speech as if he would understand them better but the samurai spoke no such language. There was never any need to to learn the dialect of the other lands since foreigners were outlawed within the extent of Japan and most would never leave.

The four China-men surrounded the samurai from all sides and continued to speak the foreign language in very a demanding voice. The samurai kept his same posture as if he never even acknowledged them. But they, as any one could clearly see, whether they spoke their language or not, were about to make a violent advance. The man who stood in front, who seemed to be their spokesman, kept pointing and yelling as he gripped his iron broad sword and then let out a sinister chuckle pursued by the others in some teasing heckle. The samurai kept his posture with no trace of emotion towards them. As the sea breeze blew by, he sensed their inevitable attack. The front man raised his sword arm in a striking manner and in an instant the samurai drew Red Lotus from his seated position and thrust forward, then an overhead strike to behind, a slashing stoke to each side and then Red Lotus went back to rest in its sheath. With precise swiftness all four China-men fell to their end before even conceiving they been struck. Then a stillness glare turned towards the fifth.

The China-man proceeded his way to the samurai. He carried a straight sword that looked very well made and its maker must have spent years perfecting its detail and quality. His mannerism and stride suggested he was more enlightened the the other four ill-fated foes. His bald scalp suggested he may have been some monk at some point but what was a man of this stature doing with such a contempt crew.

As he approached the standing samurai he said “My name is Da Xia Chen. I heard you samurai were fierce warriors… Seems that were true.” He then took a glance at his fallen associates. After he approached the samurai the two stood twenty feet apart staring at each other as the sound of the ocean waves nestled in the background. “I bet you are wondering how I learned to speak Japanese? Well while I was imprisoned I met a fellow from here that used to tell me about his home and he taught some of it to me. We were able to speak secretly with out the guards knowing what we were saying… He was right. Your land is a spectacle of beauty.” Da Xia Chen paused for a moment before he asked “…and what might your name be?”

The samurai answered in his deep, bold voice.Yamaguchi Kenbei”

Excellent swordsmanship.” Da Xia Chen said calmly. Kenbei just stood silently examining his future opponent.

It was never my intent to come here. However my unfortunate travel companions insisted. I told them that Japanese law forbids foreigners. That is why they attacked you. But as you noticed… their skill in combat was far less impressive than their revolting tongues.”

The two stared at each other intensively. “So I suppose we must duel now?” Their was a brief pause then Kenbei answered in his deep, calm voice “You could leave.”

Leave? And miss this opportunity to fence such a skillful warrior? I have waited years to find a match of your caliber. I spent over two decades among the temples of China perfecting my swordsmanship. Never have I met my match… I spent the last year imprisoned to face a great opponent. That duel was with sticks. We had to escape to have real duel. After that I came here… So now I ask you for this duel?”

After a moment of silence, the two drew their swords and stood in their form. A calming gathered in the air as the two continued to stare with intent. The tranquil sound of seagulls flying by echoed over the crashing waves as their eyes locked in a meditative state. No words were spoken and a clash of skill was to be the judge and nothing but the voice of nature was their spectator.

In an instant they sprang forward. Kenbei parried his thrust than struck to be met by Dia Xia’s block. They backed off and then circled each other. There was another brief moment of silence as each one tried to determine the others next move. Dia Xia lunged forward to be met by emptiness as Kenbei side stepped to leap forward with a downward slash so that Red Lotus went through the China mans neck. Dia Xia Chen fell to his headless doom and the words of a zen priest whispered through Kenbei’s mind. “When two warriors meet, they both come prepared to die… To live is to die, this is the way of the the warrior…”

-(to be continued)-


The Vampire Vanities: CH. 2- The Sacramental Greeting pt. 1

As the lycanthrope stormed, angerly down a long corridor that exited the underground palace, two men were walking towards them. One, a very elderly man with a cane, his robe was ragged and worn from travel. The other, a man in his early twenties had the look of innocence in his blue eyes and a youthfulness to his facial structure that bore sandy brown hair. A sack rode upon his back to carry his and his elderly companions belongings.
As the two men walked toward the wolf pack it was becoming clear that Magnus was not going to step aside, being that the corridor was only wide enough for two men to walk side by side. The elderly man did not seem to impressed by the stature of Magnus as he continued on his same path until the two collided. The old man was knocked clear off his feet and Magnus and his pack kept their pace paying no attention nor worrisome of the action. The younger man quickly hopped to side to let them pass.
“Why don’t you watch where you’re going, you scoundrel!” said the old man. Magnus paid no acknowledgment and continued to leave.

“Roderick. Come help an old man up.” As the young man bent over to help his friend he said in a confused tone “Master, I can’t believe you would say that to a man like that. He looked like he could rip your arms clean off and tear down the pyramids with his bare hands. As the old man worked his way to his feet and dusted himself off he explains in his softly spoken voice “You’re probably right… but Roderick, my boy, that does not mean I should give him power over me. Just because his physical strength is greater than mine does not mean he is any greater than I” The old man collected himself and looked up at Roderick and said “You are studying to be a mage. And in doing so, you must learn to have no fear. For fear is what restricts us, fear is what keeps us from accomplishment… If that man, who is not truly a man at all, were to kill me here and now than that would be my fate. There is nothing I can do about that. So there is no reason to fear him. My fate will come when it’s time. So you see, there is no point in having fear.”
“I’m afraid I don’t quite understand, master.”
“In time you will. In time”
“You said he wasn’t quite truly a man. What did you mean? Where those vampires?”
“Not quite. Those were lycanthrope. Werewolves.”
Roderick pondered this for a moment and then stated “ I can’t believe we are going to see the emperor of vampires. I mean, will they not harm us?”
“Well…You see. The vampire, have a certain respect for us mages. ‘The Awaken Ones’ as we have been so called. Because we are not like ordinary humans. Our development through wizardry have raised our consciousness to be more super natural than natural. So most vampires view us as form of higher class than their prey. But that is to say I don’t agree on the killing of personal benefit as they do and we are still considered a lower life form in their eyes but we do understand each other and grant one another right-of-passage. I mean, I understand they must kill and feed of human blood to survive.”
Roderick nodded as he soaked in this bit of knowledge and the two continued to walk down the corridor. As they entered the throne room and began to walk the path of black velvet, Roderick found himself in complete awe of the magnificent surroundings.
Yod took notice of the two men as they walked closer towards him. Yod walked down from his dais and cried out with a smile “Demitrius! It would seem every time I see you, your beard has grown longer and your hair whiter. You’ve been around so long I’m beginning to think your as immortal as I. How old are now?” Demitrius replied with a half grin “Well let’s see. Last time I counted I have circled the sun one hundred six times and the moon has circled me thirty eight thousand four hundred twenty two times.”
“You wizards always speaking in riddles. So Demitrius, what do I owe this visit? Are you here to wage war on me also.” Yod asked with sarcastic chuckle.
“Not likely. This is my apprentice, Roderick. I have brought him to Cairo so that I can better teach him the hermetic philosophy. I come to ask that we may keep quarter with you while on our visit.”
“Demitrius you come from a well respected order and you, yourself are well respected among us. Being that you are also an old friend, you and your apprentice are welcome here. I will make sure our people know your are here and grant you no harm. I will have my servants see you to a room.” Yod sent a hand gesture to Gabriel to fetch a servant. Not more than three breaths latter, the lovely Adamina graced into the throne room to approach her lord. As soon as Roderick set eyes upon her he felt entranced by her beauty. Caught between wonder-lust and passion he saw her elegant form sparkle with ecstasy through his mind.
Adamina approached her lord and bowed. “You weren’t what I was expecting but since you here, you can show our guest to a room.” Yod ordered. Adamina looked over at the wizard and apprentice. Her glance made Roderick feel as though he had been stunned by beauty.
“…And what was your initial reason for your presence?” Yod asked
“It’s Lucretia, my lord. She has asked for your company.” In a bothersome voice Yod replied “Very well… Well Demitrius, I hope you enjoy your stay.” They all began to part ways then Yod said from across the room “Oh. And Demitrius… Make sure your apprentice there, knows were not to go among these walls.” Demitrius nodded and Adamina guided them to their abode.

Along their walk, Roderick kept finding himself trying to complement Adamina on her beauty but speech seemed to be at a loss from nervousness. He became mesmerized by her as he examined every inch of gracefulness. Roderick being so engulfed on the right words to choose, didn’t even realize how they had walked corridors, long hallways and what would seem a journey. Eventually they came to their quarters. Adamina opened the door for them and stood silently as they entered. “Thank you, my dear” Demitrius said. Roderick approached her as he started to enter and a sliver of courage found his tongue. “I…I…uhm…Find your beauty very…” Adamina smiled and cut him off before he could finish by turning her head towards Demitrius
“I’m sorry but we don’t keep your type of food here. We are not usually accustomed to housing humans. So if your hungry you’ll have to go to the market in town. Demitrius replied “ That’s quite alright. We’ll manage… Good day… or night, I mean.”
Roderick noticed Adamina’s eyes glance across his as she turned her head to leave. He tried to utter more babble but again found himself with loss of speech from embarrassment. With a quick smack to the back of the head, Demitrius brought him back the present. “Quit standing there like a rock in the mud and bring our bags in!” He tossed the bags on the bed as his thoughts were still pondering Adamina.
Demitrius noticed his enchantment as he stated “ You need to give up this imaginary lust you have for that one. She is old enough to be your great grandmother and above all else… She is a vampire.”

“But she is the most beautiful girl I have ever laid eyes on.”

“Unless you plan on becoming one of the undead yourself, I suggest you stop this lust wondering. So don’t make me regret bringing you here.”

“Yes, master.”

“Besides, she belongs to Lucretia. Yod’s sister. And from what I hear Adamina is her right hand servant. So if Lucretia were to catch you trying to fool around with her she would surely have your neck! And there would be nothing I could do about it.”

Roderick sighed and tried to turn his thoughts in another direction as he began to unpack. “So how far underground are we, master?

“About the same height of the pyramid but the length of these catacombs can keep you lost for days.”

“Well one thing is for sure, I’ll definitely be able to sleep better with no windows… This room is nice but awfully dusty.”

“What do expect from a stone room under a desert. This place is one giant tomb.”

-(to be continued)-


The Vampire Vanities: CH.1 An Evening of Royal Requiem pt. 2

Yod began to approach the doorway that lead to his throne room when he stopped just before entering. He was curious about the man he was about to confront. Seth stood behind his left shoulder and behind his other stood a strongly built Celt. His head bore no hair and his only bit of clothing was a camel-skinned tunic. His name was Gerald, and he spoke in a thick Gaelic tongue. Old Irish being his original way to speak was relevant from his manner of speaking Egyptian. A vampire he was not. He was something else.

“Gerald?”said Yod.

“Yes, my lord?”

“What do you know of this ‘Magnus’?”

“He is one of the Red-Tooth clans strongest. Many fear him. His clan considers him a great warrior and he his very loyal to the clan.” Gerald paused in hesitation so not to alarm before he stated “One thing is definitely certain. He would not have traveled here from his frosty mountains in the far north unless he was utterly enraged. Those Norsemen hate the desert.”

This made Seth ponder weather or not pre-caution may need to be needed as he asked “Shall I gather the guard, my lord?”

In a strong, demanding voice Yod replied “NO! If it shall come to that, I can handle these unmannerly werewolves on my own.”

The three entered the throne room. Upon their entrance, the sight of the throne room was at its’ most brilliance. Lining the path to Yod’s throne stood eight giant pillars, the size of redwood trees. Upon them, intricate, gold art work that was embedded in the stone surrounded their entirety. The way the gold inlaid in them it would look as if it took centuries to carve and pour the gold to get it to fit just right in the stone. The gold art work appeared to illuminate the entire room with light from the torches that sat at their base. From between these pillars a black velvet carpet stretched the path to Yod’s throne. The throne itself sat up on a stair-cased dais. It was a great spectacle of art it’s self. Solid gold, lined with gems of scarlet rubies and a large obsidian ankh sat on it’s top. In a room large enough to comfortably fit a thousand people, no one could ever lose sight of the emperor.

As Yod approached his throne, Gabriel stood next to it awaiting his lord. Gabriel was Yod’s most loyal servant and most trusted friend. His long, light brown hair covered his face as he bowed to his lord. As he rose he said “My lord. Members of the Red-Tooth clan are here to discuss matters of territory. Speaking on their behalf is Magnus and the Odhal Pack.

Looking down from his dais, Yod saw a group of primitive looking Norsemen. Magnus standing in front of four others, three men and one petite, red-haired woman. One glance at Magnus and his reputation seemed obvious. Strength was his structure and determination was a permanent expression upon his bearded face. Memories of battles laid upon his body from a collection of scars.

As Yod began to sit in is throne Magnus stepped forward with a loud and demanding voice “I am Magnus of the Red-Tooth Clan!” He clinch his fist, placed it over his heart and stated “I am head male of the Odhal Pack! And this…” He reached into his deer skin pouch and pulled out the severed head of a vampire then continued. “Is what happens if you don’t keep your stinking dead off of our feeding grounds!” Magnus tossed the head at Yod’s feet.

Yod sat back in his throne, relaxed and preceded to speak calmly. “Do you realize, that was one of my most trusted dukes? Dante, who controlled our provinces in Germany. This is a serious offense against your emperor.”

Magnus anxiously reply’s “ Offense against you? You rule every vampire from here to England. Not our kind. The time of our slavery is at an end. You do not rule us. Your precious Dante was an offense against us and a threat that needed to be dealt with. Germany is now under our rule! The Red-Tooth Clan!”

Is that so?” Yod sarcastically replied. Magnus , with an angered glare nodded.

In an arrogant manner Yod explained “You should watch that tongue of yours. It seems you forget that we vampire are the dominate species upon this planet and you werewolves are our servants. Just as you always have been. That is your place in the way of things. YOU are inferior to us and that is just something you have to except.”

Magnus clinched his fist with rage as he yelled out “Grrrr! We except nothing! Your arrogant species will soon be at our feet! The clans are ready to unite against you! The days of your slavery are over! And this YOU will have to except. Yod jumped to his feet and angerly stated “How are you come here and threaten ME with war! I could crush you with a mere thought. Know your place savage. Humans are the food of you and I alike. If we can not live in peace than you must be taut a lesson in manners.”

Yod reached out his hand in a grasping fashion toward the largest of the pack that stood behind Magnus. Herfrid, his beard was long to match his braided hair. He bore the image of strength, strength that could crush a man with just a grip. The two were at least fifteen feet from one another as Yod reached out towards him. The man suddenly felt is heart being crushed from the inside. He grabbed his chest in painful torment and felt as if he was having a heart attack. Yod’s arm was extended out toward him and looked as if he were gripping something tightly. The inhalation of air grew more desolate to Herfred. An uncomfortable paranoia filled the air and minds of everyone who stood in the room as the all set sight upon this torture. Herfred fell to his knees still grasping his chest, grasping for life. Magnus turned his glare to Yod as he saw his eyes gleam with pleasure in his display of power. Finally, the heart of the unfortunate Herfred exploded as fell limp to the floor.

Yod took a deep breath and sat back into his throne as he said “So you wish to wage war against me, do you? Take this as a message to your elder, Stone-Feathers. With a evil glare full of vengeance and hatred Magnus replied “ That was my brother… Don’t think this is the last time you will hear from us.”

I imagine not. Well then, you killed Dante, I, killed your brother. An eye for an eye or blood for blood as like to say.”

Knowing he was out numbered and out powered here, Magnus and his pack walked out with thoughts of vengeful conceiving.

Quickly, Gabriel said to Yod “ Are we just going to let them leave?”

Yod replied “Yes. I will let them leave and let them live with the shame they need to except. I am more powerful than them and they know that.”

But, my lord, not all vampire are as strong as you or able take on a lycanthrope.” explained Gabriel.

Well… War has just crawled out from beneath the sands and we are it’s hosts.” Yod answered.

-(to be continued)-


The Vampire Vanities: CH 1- An Evening of Royal Requiem pt.1

Her hand gripped the young girls breast as her fangs set to endear the sweet, life giving blood from her tender warm neck. Orgasmic, pulsating feelings of ecstasy fills this vampire enchantress, as she savors the wine of life from the young girl. Intoxicated from her indulgence, she whispers “You are sweet to the tongue.” Her voice echoed through her ear like a precisely tuned insturment, played to elevate ones lustful desires.

The abundance of candles illuminated the room and the ethereal beauty of the enchantress. In such a way to add a soft, amber glow to her pale skin. Her long, silk, ebony, hair blankets the young girls naked body. A trade mark of her beauty, Her lavishly prolonged hair was spread out across the red velvet covered bed. This was a bed so elegant and filled with comfort, that one could easily become accustomed to sleeping their life away.

What little life there is left of the young girl, she uses the last of her strength to tell her seducer ”Take my life. My life is yours, Lucretia. Use my body to help sustain your beauty.” The young girl stared up in total wonder-lust, lost in the exotic eyes of the alluring Lucretia. Glaring with passion, Lucretia smiles as she tells her “Have no fear, my child. I shall now show you the way to salvation. For I am heaven and I am hell. I am your lost love.” The vampiress than once more penetrated her tender flesh. Drawing out all of the life giving juices that flows through her veins. Finally draining her princess of all vitality.

A silhouette of a man appears in the doorway of this golden candle lit bedroom. “That is the Sultans daughter, you know.” The mans voice softly echoed through the room, in an almost sarcastic tone. Lucretia suddenly sat up like a child being caught in the act of misbehaving. She turned her head to see the man behind her. Her mouth dripping and glimmering red from her feast, as her expression turned to a sly smile.

In her seductive tone she says “Mmm, my loving brother. She was the sweetest I’ve had in some time. It’s a shame you didn’t get a taste of her.” Her watchful brother began to walk in the room with a slow, graceful stride as he spoke. “You do realize, that I had an arrangement with the Sultan? That arrangement was, that we would not harm him or his family, so long as he gave us his servants to feed from. We can’t just go around eating everything in sight, now can we? Humans after-all do need a sense of leadership and most of all, control. We control their leaders and they keep control of their people. We do not need chaos among our food.”

Lucretia impatiently tells him “That fool is just treating you like some subservient jackal to feed. You! My brother! Yod! Are an Emperor.”

As Yod slowly and observing walked past the long, golden, draping veils that curtains her bed, she begins catching glimpses of his face in the candle light. But his long, black hair that drapes to his waist, keeps the shadows upon his face.

“Come, come now, my brother. Am I going to have to run this empire for you? Even though I may be the dark queen, father did leave you his crown. Since you are the older one.”

Yod takes his hand to move back one of the veils so he my sit upon the foot of her elegant bed. “But Lucretia, my dear, your feeding frenzies, night after night are beginning to be a bit much. “

In a playful tone she replies “It’s not my fault their human”

Yod turns his head to look down upon the lifeless corpse of the Sultan’s daughter. “But my love, soon their might not be any girls left in all Egypt if your greed doesn’t slow. What will you do then? Start on all the young men?”

While turning her head to admire her princess, Lucretia eagerly replies “You know I do not have the taste for such things. Fresh, young women. They are ripe as night and mine for the taking. They are my pleasure, and my passion.”

“But haven’t you noticed, your pickings have been a bit slim as of late? You may not have a choice but to switch to boys.”

Lucretia jumps to her knees. Her extremely long hair curtains her bare, flawless figure as she exclaims “ NONSENSE! Any fool woman can seduce any man. But it takes a true ‘GODDESS’ for woman to seduce another woman!”

“Lucretia my dear, all I am asking is that you be a little less ravenous and a bit more inconspicuous. Man seems to be getting smarter and wiser everyday. Which in turn threatens us all. A revolt we do not need.”

Lucretia holds her head up high in a proud manner as she says “These humans are our food. Nothing more! You give them to much credit. We are the dominate beings and I could suck the blood clean from every last one of them.”

Yod tilted his head up to look at his sister with his piercing eyes as his mane framed his mighty, passionate face. “But yet you forget. That without these humans, you would not know your blood-lust.”

Then Yod turned his attention to the man who strode into the room. His hair was long and gray. His face carried wrinkles from centuries of age. A gold trimmed, ebony robe covered his antique body. He came within a few yards of the bed, when he then bowed to the siblings. “Yes, Seth?” replied Yod. The long time and very loyal servant replied in his aged voice “Sorry to disturb you, my lord. But Magnus of the Red-Tooth clan is here to speak to you.”

The Red-Tooth clan? Well what does he want?

He wouldn’t say but insisted on speaking only to you. He seemed to be quite distraught. He was also holding a leather sack that seemed to hold some importance.”

With a deep sigh, Yod replied “I’m on my way.” Seth bowed to his lord and left to await him.

The lingering fingernails that belonged to Lucretia crept over Yod’s shoulders as she began to give her brother a massage. She drew down his robe from his shoulders to expose his well defined, bare chest. Feeling her flesh caress his was comforting to his divinatory mind that was pondering what this evening would behold. “It’s a shame you didn’t get to taste this sweet princess.”

“I’ve already dined tonight.” Yod replied as he took her hands into his so that he may press his lips in a kiss on them. He stood to his feet and in an demanding voice stated “Besides, I now have other matters to attend to. This is where I must go be emperor.” As he pulled his robe of scarlet back upon his shoulders Lucretia tells him “I really wish you would stay with me awhile longer. Must you leave so soon?”

“You know I must.

Lucretia turned her head, sad to see her brother leave. “Go on my love. You have an empire to rule.” As Yod walked out she fell back on to her enveloping bed, with her head laying just under a giant ankh that set imbedded in the headboard.

“Adamina!” Lucretia cried out. The dark haired beauty came forth from behind the bed. Her elegance could hardly be compared. Except for that of Lucretia, who no one could withstand her desiring, goddess like structure. Adamina has been her loyal servant for nearly a century. She felt her embrace while being a concubine in Cairo. She has never betrayed Lucretia, nor has she ever desired to. Her Isis style clothing glittered from the candle light.

“Yes, your highness?”

“Take this lifeless beauty and feed it to our jackals.”

“Yes, your highness.”

“Oh. And Adamina?”

“Yes’ your highness?”

Lucretia stared at her seductively and dominately. “Come show your devotion to me before you leave.” Adamina walked closer to the bed. She leaned forward, closer to her mistress. As her face drew nearer to Lucretia her dark queen leaned forward with eyes of determination. Lucretia took one hand to run her fingers through Adamina’s dark locks so that she may hold her desired belle close. The two maidens of the night shared each others breath and tasted each others passion, in a deep alluring kiss.

(To Be Continued)


Death is innocent and life is its corruptor

One should not fear death, for it is the only one true promise.



The Kami Chronicles: The Waking Of The Samurai pt.1

Giant, silvery cliffs frame a desolate beach where the ocean’s composure splashes against the sand and rocks. The glory of the afternoon sun shines down upon a silent,lonely samurai. He sits and meditates under his straw jingasa hat. This sandy beach seems almost lifeless, all but the sounds of the ocean and it’s restlessness. The samurai’s calming state of stillness would make him appear to be an element of the beach. His trusted and only possession lies in front of him., his katana, who bares the name ‘Red Lotus’. It  was a great work of art and a legend of steel.

A soft ocean breeze flows through his long, black hair, causing it to distort his rugged face that a set of side burns outlined a strong jaw line. He has been in his tranquil state since the rising of the sun. Now at mid-day he feels a disruption that his attention must be awakened to. His deep meditation has broadened his awareness. He calmly opens his eyes with an emotionless stare. Peering out into the ocean a boat appears just over the horizon. His stillness proceeds never showing any reaction as he watches the boat draw near for over an hour. It began to get close enough to make out detail. It was a small, crude boat with a single sail and to paddles for when the air was at rest. There looked to be five men aboard. As the boat drew even closer, the samurai new that they were China-men.

(To Be Continued)


A strong mind is a powerful weapon and a solid sanctuary, such is the essence of belief.

A strong mind is a powerful weapon and a solid sanctuary, such is the essence of belief.

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